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Catch Leaks.
Protect Your Home.

The Flume Smart Water Monitor tracks water use across your entire property 24/7.


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“Flume detected a 4 gallon-per-hour leak that had been going on previously for months without me knowing it. Without Flume, I would have never caught the leak.
Awesome product!”

Kurt F. – Flume Customer

"The device was easy to install, the instructions were clear and complete. I was able to use the system to identify drip irrigation issues which saved water. The Flume water system monitor has been very useful."

Don – Flume Customer

Protect Your Home Inside & Out

Flume provides complete coverage by catching leaks inside of your home as well as in your lawn or garden. If Flume senses a leak or unusually high water use, you’ll be notified immediately via text, email or push notification anywhere you are.

Control Your Water Use

Flume gives you real-time access to your water usage. You can determine which appliances and activities (or kids!) are using the most water with instant data and take action to avoid excess use.

Manage Your Water Bill

Never be surprised by a high water bill again. Flume lets you set daily, weekly or monthly budgets and notifies you as you approach your limit. You can also measure your use against like homes in the Flume Family. Conserve water and save money.

66% of Flume Customers Found 1 or More Leaks

Based on 2019 Rainbow Municipal Water District study of 500 homes.

Customers Conserved Over 10% More Water

Based on 2019 Rainbow Municipal Water District study of 500 homes.

Customers Have Saved an Average of $50 on their Monthly Bill

Based on 2019 Rainbow Municipal Water District study of 500 homes.

Easy Installation – no plumbing required!

  1. Download and install the Flume app. The app will guide you through the entire installation process. Live customer support is available via in-app chat!
  1. Connect the Wifi Bridge to your network and place anywhere in your home. This device communicates with your Water Sensor via low-power, high-range RF.
  1. The Water Sensor easily straps around your existing water meter – no plumbing required. Long-life batteries are included, and no external power is needed.

"The Flume has saved me hundreds of dollars. Within 2 days of installing flume, I was able to narrow down possible sources and eliminate the problem (irrigation). It really helps make you aware of how much water you are using and certainly helps conserve water!"

Pat – Flume Customer

Take Control of Your Home’s Water Use.

  • Catch leaks before they cause damage
  • Take control of your water bill
  • Save water
  • Save money

That’s the Power of Flume
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